March 11, 2016

Cola launches its app for smarter, more interactive text messages

 Do you sometimes get the feeling that you’re having a looooooong text conversation to accomplish some fairly simple planning? I’ve certainly[...]
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February 6, 2016

Revolut Gets More Funding For Its Mobile Foreign Exchange Service

 British startup Revolut just closed its seed round. After announcing having raised $ 2.3 million this Summer, the company has added a couple of new[...]
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February 4, 2016

“Think Of Foursquare More Like comScore Than Instagram” -Fred Wilson

 Foursquare is not a consumer social app business, it’s a data company. And only when it admitted that to itself and revalued as such was it[...]
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February 2, 2016

TechRadar Deals: Amazon is offering £10 off any order of £50 or more… for today only

Amazon is offering all UK customers the chance to save £10 on any order worth £50 or more from now until the end of the day. Using the code BIGTHANKS[...]
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January 29, 2016

Pivotal Teams With Lean Startup Founder Eric Ries To Help Big Companies Get More Innovative

 Pivotal, the company launched by EMC, VMware and GE to help companies in their quest for digital transformation, announced today that it was bringing[...]
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January 28, 2016

More Money Into The Cloud As NewVoiceMedia Gets $30M For Its Contact Center Solutions

 As more businesses move their IT from on-premise solutions and into networked, cloud-based services, startups that are building products for them[...]
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January 28, 2016

Yahoo’s Email App Improves With Customizable Swipes, Attachments Search And More

 In October, Yahoo introduced a brand-new version of its email app designed for the way people access their inbox on mobile devices, which included[...]
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January 27, 2016

Beat this! You just can’t have more than 200 friends on Facebook

London: If someone claims that he or she has over 1,000 friends on Facebook, he or she is probably lying. According to an interesting research, the average[...]
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January 26, 2016

Snapchat Leak Reveals An Upgraded Messaging Experience With Audio & Video Calling, Stickers & More

 A number of new features have been spotted within the existing code for Snapchat’s mobile app, including audio and video calling, as well[...]
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January 13, 2016

SmashFly, A Service That Looks To Snag New Hires More Effectively, Raises $22M

 Mike Hennessy thinks finding potential recruits is just like marketing — you have to keep them interested and snatch them at the right time.[...]
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January 7, 2016

“No More Ballparks” — Oculus’ Palmer Luckey Admits Screwing Up Rift Price-Point Messaging

 Oculus co-founder admits he screwed up Rift price-point messaging, explaining in a Reddit AMA that when he said “that ballpark” he had[...]
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January 6, 2016

Jack Dorsey Thinks Adding More Text To Tweets Is A Swell Idea

 As you know, reports are surfacing about Twitter’s interest in potentially monkeying around with the number of characters you can tweet…or[...]
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