March 11, 2016

Cola launches its app for smarter, more interactive text messages

 Do you sometimes get the feeling that you’re having a looooooong text conversation to accomplish some fairly simple planning? I’ve certainly[...]
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February 7, 2016

Marc Dillon Takes CEO Role At Smarter Mobile Charger Startup, Asmo

 Former Jolla co-founder Marc Dillon has a new job in hardware: Finnish startup Asmo, which has been crowdfunding a mobile charger that switches off[...]
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January 21, 2016

Defumblr’s Smarter Android Lockscreen Takes Cues From Apple’s “Proactive” Features

 A new mobile application from a co-founder of wants to re-imagine how consumers interact with their smartphones. Instead of unlocking[...]
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November 16, 2015

After kitting out Steve Jobs’ yacht, this company wants to make your home smarter

Our homes are getting smarter by the day, but how do you take command of all this increasingly intelligent gadgetry? With the brand new Savant Remote,[...]
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November 14, 2015

Apple’s App Store Gets A Smarter Search Engine

 A number of mobile app developers and industry observers recently noticed a significant change in the way the Apple App Store’s search algorithms[...]
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